We want all of our students to flourish in their new living environment. This is the reason why we have a friendly and experienced year-round accommodation department that ensure all students are happy and comfortable in their new homes. Whether a student wishes to live with a host family or on their own in private accommodation, we have a wide range of housing options available and will work with each student to make sure they are living in the environment most suited to their individual needs. Please select any of the options below to help discover the best way to find your new home away from home.

accommodation options available in ramsgate

Accommodation Options

We have a good range of accommodation options available for students. From host families through to private apartments, we can help you find the most suitable living environment for you.

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Host families available in ramsgate

Our Host Families

With a large register of local families, Churchill House School of English Language is lucky to be able to offer a good range of family environments to suit our students’ needs.

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our placement process for finding host families for our students

The Placement Process

Choosing the best possible home for each student is an important process. Please click here to find out how this process works and what is required from each student to ensure the best possible results.

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service agreement between host families and students

The Homestay Agreement

To ensure that people of all backgrounds, cultures and personalities exist as happily as possible in the same home, all of our host families and students enter into an agreement so that living together is fun, fair and beneficial to both parties.

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