Located in the Churchill House main office building, the social club is an information hub for all students. Its staff are experienced, friendly and are always ready to help.

What Does the Social Club Do?

The Social Club is responsible for ensuring that students experience the England that exists outside of their classroom. Every activity and trip is planned and led by the Social Club team. They are also integral to the welfare of students and if anyone has a personal, medical or travel problem they can call or come in and see the Social Club for help.

Weekly Activity Programme

The social club organises the leisure programmes for all of our students. Whether it is an activity, excursion or social event, they will have planned it carefully in advance and made sure it is led by one of their experienced team of activity leaders. 

Travel Centre

The Social Club can help students book school excursions to many interesting places in Great Britain and even exciting trips to European cities like Paris and Amsterdam. They will even help students organise and book their own independent travel and try to find the best value hotels and transport available. The Social Club can also arrange students’ travel and medical insurance for them. Think of them as your own personal tourist information centre.


The Social Club also plays an important part in ensuring the welfare of all our students. They understand how difficult it can be to come to a new country and have experience in helping students to cope with living in a new environment. They are a friendly, familiar face that is always there to help in any way they can, whether it be booking appointments at the doctors or helping students to call home. The Social Club also has a 24 hour student emergency contact number so that they are available at all times in case of any problems.