Our objective is to teach each student as much useful English as possible in a professional and caring manner whatever the length of their stay.

How do we achieve this?

  • The efficiency and professionalism of our teaching department means we can keep our quality of teaching high at all times.
  • Our experienced teaching staff use interactive whiteboard technology and up-to-date teaching methods.
  • We take a personal interest in our students and their studies at all times.
  • We monitor learning over the course of a student’s stay with us and help guide them through a well-designed pathway of English learning.
  • We offer a wide range of courses with different starting dates to ensure that students study what is appropriate at a time that is convenient for them.

Fulfilling these aims helps us ensure that students move successfully towards their own learning targets.

The chart below briefly defines the various language levels that we use to place students in classes. Progress is dependent upon the number of hours studied each week and upon personal aptitude and motivation.

english language level descriptions

To ensure that all our students progress during their time with us we will:

  • Consult each student on which course to take and how long to study.
  • Assess their English level prior to the course starting.
  • Continually monitor and advise each student on their progress.

Course Consultation

This process begins from the moment a student starts looking at our website or brochure and usually follows the procedure outlined below:

  • A student chooses a course that interests them and contacts one of our sales agents
  • Their sales agent will offer advice on the price, dates and goals of their chosen course
  • The sales agent will then contact the teaching department with the student’s specific requests to ensure that the chosen course is available and appropriate
  • Once agreed upon, the teaching department will then begin assessing the English level of the student
  • If it becomes apparent that the chosen course is not appropriate for the student’s English level, the teaching department will then consult with the student and their sales agent to help alter the course to suit their abilities

The process above charts how we ensure a student is booked on the most appropriate course before their arrival. Once any student has begun their course here in Ramsgate, our teaching department are readily available for anybody to come in and discuss their changing needs.

English Level Assessment

To assess the English level of each student we will follow the process listed below:

  • The student is asked to complete an English Ability Questionnaire well before arrival
  • The student will also be asked to take their entrance test (be it Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate or Advanced). Our entrance tests can be sent to students by email or completed online.
  • Upon arrival at Churchill House, we conduct a personal interview with each student to further determine their level of communicative English.

After these three tasks have been completed we will consider all of the information and place a student in the level we feel to be best for their development.

Monitoring Progress

Module courses start at the beginning of each month and are designed to last 4 weeks (2 and 3 week courses are possible though). During a 4 week module course, your teacher will display the syllabus and learning targets in the classroom and go through these with the class on a regular basis. Student progress is monitored in the following ways:

We will conduct a test at the end of the first week of the module so that our teachers can determine the skill levels of all the students in the class. This will enable the teacher to adjust their teaching materials or style of teaching as appropriate.

A second progress test will be set around halfway through the module to highlight any areas of the syllabus that the teacher needs to revise or re-teach. This test will also help to identify any problems individual students might have.

The End of Module Achievement Test (this can be the final test for those students leaving us at the end of the module) takes place on the last Thursday of the month and covers everything studied in the module. It is used along with the teacher’s recommendation in determining each student’s level for the next module.

At either the end of the first week or start of the second week of each module, students will be asked to complete a questionnaire to give their opinion on the different aspects of the class. The results of these questionnaires are viewed anonymously and discussed as a group in class. Advice and guidance may be given on a one-to-one basis as required.

Each student receives a written report at the end of every month which lays out their level of progress in various areas. The student also fills out their own self-assessment form and these two forms are used together to provide a basis for discussion during the individual tutorial

Students attend an individual progress tutorial with their teacher each month. During this tutorial the teacher uses the latest progress report and the student’s own self-assessment form to discuss their progress and achievements in detail and to offer advice, help and encouragement. The student is given a copy of the report to assist them in their future learning.

At the end of each 4 week module, teachers will discuss their students’ progress with the relevant course director and will make recommendations for their class level for the following month based on the final monthly module achievement test result and their classroom performance.

Each of these clear and open systems of recording student progress enables us and our pupils to plan and achieve learning targets in an effective manner.