Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my course cost?
What happens if I don’t get a visa?

If your visa is refused it is often because of a technicality and you can re-apply. We can hold your booking until the re-application is complete. If you are still refused a visa please send us a copy of the official refusal letter – we will refund all fees minus the enrolment fee.

Do I have to start my course on a specific day?

Students can join most courses on any Monday as we run courses all year (except for the Christmas holidays).

Do I need to take an English test?

Yes. You can take the placement test online before you come which allows us to put you into class almost as soon as you arrive. One of our experienced course directors will also interview you on arrival to check your spoken English.

What happens on my first day at school?

When you arrive at school you will have an interview with a course director who will ask you about your educational needs, where you have studied before and what you plan to do in the future. This enables us to judge your English level better and place you into a suitable class at the start of the next lesson. Lunch is available in the Clubroom or in the Tavern, but there are also lots of restaurants and cafes in Ramsgate town centre. If you are taking elective lessons, they start at 2pm.

Will I need to buy any course books?

Yes. You will be required to buy a book for your course, however if the book is in good condition at the end of your stay you can return the book and get a refund.

How do I get to the school from the airport?

Book a taxi in advance with our Transfer service – it is much cheaper than taking a taxi from the airport rank and they will be able to take you directly to your accommodation.

I want to go to university in Britain. Can you help me get my IELTS grades?

Many of our students aim to take the IELTS exam so we have regular IELTS preparation elective courses and our teachers are very experienced at preparing students for the exam.

How do I book accommodation?

Accommodation is booked on the enrolment form. If you have any preferences (e.g. if you require a single room or have allergies to pets) please let us know as soon as possible.

Will there be WIFI available at the homestay?

Most homestays can give you free WiFi access through their internet connection. All three school buildings have WiFi and you will have access to a computer room and printers.

I want to visit London while I’m in England. How easy is it to get into London?

Very easy. There is a regular fast train service into London from Ramsgate station which can take as little as an hour and it is possible to get discounted tickets. There is also a bus service from the harbour which is cheaper but much slower and less regular.

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