The ILC (Interactive Learning Centre) is located on the top floor of the Paragon building and is made up of the following different designated areas for private study.

The Rosetta Stone Room

This room has many computers with microphones and headsets for students to use the Rosetta Stone interactive language programme. Highly respected the world over, Rosetta Stone helps students improve their listening and speaking skills with an easy to follow programme of interactive tasks. Since it opened, this room has been a popular place for students who have taken the chance to make the most of this modern technology for free.

Before their first session, students will need to be set up with their own account so they can save and monitor their progress throughout their time with the school.

Free Wi-Fi and Internet Cafe

Although not only for studying, some students avail of our free Wi-Fi and internet café to help them with their homework, plan for tomorrow’s lesson or research for an upcoming project or presentation.


Our bookshop has a host of learning resources that can be borrowed by students wanting to study privately. Students are able to visit the bookshop and take textbooks to the nearby study rooms for the afternoon.

Private Study Rooms

These are classrooms that students can use for personal study. There is plenty of space available in each for students that are looking to complete project or presentation work.