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Churchill House is now recruiting for summer 2023!

We have a wide range of positions available at our residential summer schools throughout the UK, including teaching, activity leading, pastoral care and management positions. You can view the staff start and end dates for each centre. Our summer schools offer interesting and varied work with competitive salaries, full board residential accommodation and the support of our experienced team. In return, we ask for commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism from our staff, as we aim to give our students the best possible experience from coming to our schools. If you are looking for a job that is exciting, rewarding and challenging, please read the job descriptions below.

About Our Schools

We run English language summer schools for young foreign students at venues around the UK. Students come either in groups or individually and generally stay for between 2 and 4 weeks. While they are with us we teach them English, ensure that they are well looked after and provide them with a full programme of activities and excursions for them to enjoy. Each school has its own character and a different programme on offer to our customers. To find out more about the schools themselves, please visit the Churchill House Summer Centres website.

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Management Roles

Centre Manager

The Centre Manager (CM) is the person who is in charge of the centre and who has overall responsibility for the smooth and efficient running of the centre. They are responsible for managing and implementing the company’s policies and procedures and for ensuring that they are adhered to. They are tasked with ensuring that both the academic and activity programme run accordingly. Centre Managers should be highly energetic and personable people with excellent communication and problem solving skills.

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Director of Studies

The Director of Studies (DOS) is in charge of the academics and academic team (TEFL teachers). They ensure that students are classed appropriately, and placed in the right level with similar ages and different nationalities. They ensure the teachers prepare for their lessons to a high standard. They are responsible for observing the teachers at least twice during their employment, and for giving constructive feedback of the observation. They aid the teachers in their schemes of work and lesson planning and hold workshops for the teachers once a week. These workshops should relate to something that has come up through their observations and they feel needs addressing, or some requested input by teachers. The DOS must also be highly energetic, personable, well organised, good at multi-tasking and have to work well under pressure.

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Activity Manager

The main role of the Activity Manager (AM) is to make sure the activity and excursion programme is delivered to a high standard to all of our students. This is done by liaising daily with activity leaders and teachers who will be delivering the programme directly. The Activity manager will also assist the Centre Manager in making sure the Group leaders are satisfied with all aspects of how the school is being run, and that they are happy with the service provided by Churchill house as a whole. Responsibilities include; liaising with outside agencies (coach companies & tourist attractions) to confirm bookings for excursions; checking that staff have the correct equipment to run activity sessions safely and efficiently, holding regular staff meetings to discuss the running of the activity programme & liaising with head office regarding airport transfer and staff pay etc.

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Assistant Director of Studies

The Assistant Director of Studies assists the Director of Studies in managing all areas of the academic programme at a busy summer school. They play a large role in ensuring that the academic course runs smoothly and will be particularly involved in supporting/line managing a team of teachers. The Assistant Director of Studies must have strong admin/organisational skill and summer school experience.

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Teaching Positions

Senior Teacher

The ideal candidate for a Senior Teacher position is an experienced, talented teacher who can provide teachers with help planning their lessons while also helping the DOS organise the teaching programme. This would be the perfect first step into a senior position for someone taking or considering taking their DELTA.

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The Teacher is responsible for delivering well thought out and constructed lessons to students. They will teach for a minimum 15 hours and a maximum of 30 hours (depending on the centre and type of programme). They are asked to complete schemes of work so all language taught within a week is planned out and thought through thoroughly. Teachers are required to complete course reports for all students they teach, and attend a weekly workshop hosted by the Director of Studies. Teachers need to be excellent communicators and capable of delivering coherent and stimulating lessons. Teachers are required to hold a CELTA or Trinity TESOL certificate (or equivalent), a degree is preferred as is some experience.

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Activities Staff

Activity Leaders

At Churchill House our activity leader role is one of the most important roles in the school. Our activity leaders work very closely with our students and group leaders on a daily basis ensuring the activity and excursion programme is delivered to a high standard whilst making sure that the enjoyment and safety of our students is always the top priority. Each day is different in the life of an activity leader. Responsibilities include; running fun and engaging activity sessions; leading groups of students around popular tourist destinations; supervising students in free time; safeguarding the welfare of our students and organising/running fun evening activities.

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Senior Activity Leaders

Senior Activity Leaders work with the Activity Manager to ensure that all on-site activities are planned and organised properly. Starting with the initial idea for an activity, SALs plan the activity, promote it amongst the students and work with small teams of teachers and Activity Leaders to make the activity happen successfully.

This position is a step up for confident people with activity leading experience who would like to take on a little more responsibility.

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Welfare and Admin

Student Welfare Officer

The ideal Student Liaison is someone who is friendly and approachable, but also organised and with a responsible attitude to looking after students. Student liaisons are the people who look after students while they are at the school, providing them with the support, guidance and supervision they need. They will also assist the Centre Manager with some of the core work that keeps the centre running. It’s a varied role and definitely not a 9-5 job.

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How to Apply

Please read the job description for the position you are interested in before you apply.

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